»Sette sensi«

7sensi massage

• Energy Enhancement •

• Body and Soul Therapy •

• Awareness Compression •

Tantra, Zen, Qi

Surprise Yourself: Explore the depths that can’t be seen. Tear down the curtain and taste a piece of paradise.

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Massage: To The Bottom Of Your Soul

When all your senses are set on fire, all waves swinging in uniform in one direction, your orientation turns and you take a deep look inside, to your innermost being. Your awareness experience a deep compression and you enter unknown fields of consciousness. During the state of ecstasy, the solid walls between different worlds get soft, fine and transparent. You can easily get a glimpse of something special shimmering through the panes. Ecstasy is food for the soul.

The Magic Touch of Tantra, Zen and Qi.

This one-hand clapping appears when your soul is jumping for joy. Tantra is far beyond than being just a mere erotic adventure. It opens a state of grace, it sets your mind at ease, it widens your awareness and it changes your soul. In ecstasy you are no longer a stranger in a foreign land. You enter a dialog with the bottom of your soul. You are beginning to recognize how magnificent you have been created from the very beginning. Your consciousness is able to communicate with higher regions inside yourself. You enter the realm of intuition and imagination. An incredible beautiful dance begins, a poem is happening, a harmony fills your senses and you realize, it has been right before your eyes all of the time.
Here at the bottom of your soul, your never-dying self is waiting with you to reveal things of immense importance. Wants you to be part of an experience, higher and lighter you’d ever had imagined.