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Love For Advanced

• You Ain’t Known Nothing Yet •

This is an invitation to twist your sobriety an inch. Dive into the marvels of corporeal attraction and find the greatest love of all deep inside of you.
7sensi massages are based on the principles of
Tantra, Zen and Chi.

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Love For Advanced

Some may think, they encountered everything what love is able to give. From now on, some may think, only borrowed feelings and weak versions of having had emotions lay ahead. And some think, they have played the whole range on the love keyboard already, and what comes next are only used impressions. And others resigned in getting older and pretend to be content with ordinary existence.

However, deep inside lingers a burning homesickness, not yet fulfilled and it is yearning to be stilled. It is erotic, it is spiritual, it comes from the heart and goes through the body. And it can be fulfilled only on earth, only in a living body.

Deep inside, at the bottom of your soul, an important part of your consciousness is waiting to be connected, is eager to be touched. And it’s impossible to discover, when your look is totally fixed to the world outside. Be careful. You might miss the point by getting totally lost in the eye of a partner, you might miss the point by worshipping a partner too much. Look both ways: Watch inside and watch outside.

You Ain’t Felt Nothing Yet

… this is a revolution for charitable lovers. Undying gratefulness is a present for your loved ones and for yourself. This is an invitation to share pleasure, fortune and ecstasy in an implicit way – designed for lovers with unquestioning loyalty.

Massages for couples are possible with me alone or together with an associate. Learn to stimulate your lover and yourself the tantric way. Learn to teach the intrinsic energy. Learn the special ways of being a watcher.

7sensi massages are based on Tantra, Zen and Chi. They improve your empathy, polish your sensitivity and turn around your intuition. 7sensi massages guide your attention to your innermost being and steer your vehicle straight towards your core.